Someone we talk about a lot on The Vancouver UnReal Estate Show is Sam Sullivan. Past mayor of Vancouver and current False Creek MLA, Sam’s proposed housing policies are referenced by guests who are both left leaning and right leaning on the political spectrum. He was a guest on the 2nd episode of our show, and today we want to replay that interview.

A lot has changed since we originally recorded this episode. Sam was re-elected as False Creek’s MLS in the 2017 provincial election and is now running for leadership of the BC Liberal Party.

Sam is a strong proponent of eco-density as a way to combat the housing crisis. His common-sense solutions can help make this city more affordable and sustainable.

Stuff we talk about in this episode:

·      Sam’s Housing Affordably campaign video

·      BC Liberal Membership

·      Sam’s History of Vancouver Videos:

Overview of Three Waves
First Wave
Second Wave
Third Wave
A defence of Urban Density
One idea to fix the supply problem
History and recommendation to prioritize density to the old city
Sam’s thoughts on the name Vancouver

All episodes are now available to download on Stitcher and iTunes.

Tune in next week for a brand new episode!


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