Keith Roy and Associates: part real estate team, part event management company.That’s the joke around the office. It seems we’re always planning some sort of major client event.Keith Roy and Associates hosts three major events per year. In February, we’ve got the client skating party, mainly for families, which brings out around 150 guests. In June, we take around 200 of our clients to a Vancouver Canadian’s baseball game and then in September we host our main bash – a 400+ person BBQ at my house.I am often asked about these events. How much do they cost? Why do I host them? What does the planning process look like? But the number one thing people want to know is:How do I get so many people to show up?Here’s how we do it:

1. Plan a really awesome party

The number one reason our events work is because we host events people actually want to come to. Our BBQ features live music, a magician, a face painter, games for the kids, an open bar with fancy cocktails and some of the best BBQ food in the city. Plus, it’s a 400 person party at your Realtor’s house (and who doesn’t want to see where their Realtor lives?).

Why 400 people? The main reason – more people means a better party.

A 200 person party is fun, but when you hear about a 400 person party in someone’s house you really want to see that.

It’s an event people talk about.

At our baseball event we make people feel like VIPs. We take up a HUGE section of the stadium and when the guests arrive at their seat, they find a fun KRA welcome brochure and a candy stick. Everyone gets $10 in “Canadians Cash” to spend at the concession, in addition to the nearly endless amount of beer and ice cream we hand out to our clients. It causes quite the commotion in the stadium.

People are always looking for something to do. If you plan an interesting enough event, people will want to show up.

As you can imagine, after over 11 years of hosting “endless beer” events, we’ve built quite the reputation. That consistency helps to keep people talking and showing up year after year.

2.  Don’t just assume people will show up

Even though we know the event will be awesome, we never just send an invitation and assume people will be there. The event needs to be pushed hard. Here’s what we do to ensure people show up:

  • Hardcopy invitation mailed out at least one month in advance
  • Facebook Event page inviting friends
  • Email blast to our database
  • Phone call to every single person on the event list
  • Facebook message to guests who have not yet RSVPed
  • Weekly Bombbomb video emails to our event list
  • In the days leading up, post event-specific updates to the Facebook Event page (Facebook Live works great for this, but photos work well too)

The other huge benefit to this is that in the weeks leading up to our events we call everyone in our database, which is critical prospecting for a repeat and referral based business.

That’s how we get people to show up, but why do we host events in the first place?

Because it’s fun.

Events have become part of our brand. There are a lot of ways to retain loyalty and grow your business, but hosting epic parties is the most fun way I know of.

I’ve built a business where I enjoy spending time with my team, and we all enjoy spending time with our clients. Because of this, we consistently attract the type of clients who also enjoy spending time with us.

Our events help build awareness, and the weeks following the events are consistently filled with appointments and follow-ups based on contacts made promoting or during the event. Although the cost of the events is high (our BBQ costs nearly $20,000), we make our money back in spades.

In closing, if you’re only going to take two things away from this post, I think it should be these:

1. Plan a great event (ask yourself – is this an event you would actually want to go to?)

2. Promote the crap out of it

Feel free to share this online and tag us. I’d love to hear what kind of client events you’re finding successful.


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