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This action-packed presentation is filled with ideas on how to generate more referral business from people you already know.  
Keith Roy is a practicing Realtor who will show you exactly what he does to generate 22 sales for every 100 people in his data base. 


There is no magic bullet for success in real estate or any other area of your life.  However, you can still be an overnight success.

Just kidding!  

It usually takes about a decade and lots of hard work.  

Using real examples from successful Realtors, Keith Roy will show you what habits and tactics the top producers are using to grow their business while sharing personal anecdotes about how he built his own 7 figure real estate practice.  

Success is boring. But Keith Roy is interesting.  Combine the two and its a net positive. 

Me to we

Do you have agents who are looking to grow their team, but don’t know how to grow?  

In this session, team leader and Realtor Keith Roy will talk about where to recruit, how to interview, how much to pay and you’ll leave with an action plan for a job description. 

Agent Training

Keith Roy is one of those presenters you can’t help but hire time and time again. His experience and real world examples, coupled with his brutal honesty and personable demeanour make him a favourite among real estate professionals worldwide.

We are lucky to have been able to bring Keith in on several occasions and he is always warmly received.

Keith is the most requested presenter we’ve ever had, and it is always a pleasure to have him speak to our agents.

It’s rare to find someone so authentic and able to consistently deliver an impactful message, but Keith accomplishes that without fail every time.

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Team Base Camp

Over the course of 1 or 2 days, Keith takes agents through a step by step program to building a successful real estate team.

Team leaders and aspiring team leaders will learn about leadership, recruiting, personality profiling, hiring, compensation models, creating job descriptions, team structures, team culture, conducting meetings, which communication tools to use, increasing profitability and what systems to implement.

Customized training

Keith has worked with Realtors, Brokers and regional owners to develop custom training material on business planning, negotiation, commission and more.

Inquire about custom training.

Keith Roy is an RRI Certified Trainer working in conjunction with Canada’s largest real estate coaching & training company, Richard Robbins International. For more information on real estate coaching visit


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